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Some sample pictures of my 3-5' lumber grades. Cherry is shown, but will be similar for all species.

CLEAR 3-5' The best grade, 4" and wider, 3-5' long, clear 1 face with a very good back.
WALNUT SEL & BTR Sample of some Walnut 4/4 select and better grade.

#1 3-5' These boards are 3" and wider, 3-5' long. Graded to have atleast 75% clear wood in a useable manner. Will have some knots at ends or along the edge. May have more wane and sapwood.
Sample of Cherry flooring made using #2 Cherry boards.

#2 3-5' These boards will be 3" and wider, 3-5'long. Graded for 50% clear wood. Good for making short or thin pieces or for projects requiring a more rustic appearence.

Calculating Board Feet
A board foot (bf) = a piece of wood 12

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